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A Consumer's Guide to Fax Broadcasting

What is Fax Broadcasting?

Also called Broadcast Fax, it is simply faxing a document to multiple recipients simultaneously.  Businesses with a large clientele may send items such as announcements, conferences, newsletters etc. When a document arrives in a fax machine, it arrives quickly, must be handled, and is attention grabbing.   There are companies that maintain data centers specifically for fax broadcasting, allowing a business to outsource this function so as to not tie up an office machine or have to upgrade equipment.

What is fax broadcasting?

What is junk faxing?

What FCC rules were added from the Junk Fax Prevention Act of 2005?

What are the opt-out requirements?

Who is liable for violating the law, the company advertising or the distributor or both?


For more information visit the Federal Communications Commission on Fax Advertising





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