Information Bank

Marketing Software

  • Abelson Communications, Inc. - Publishing software for print media and internet advertising, along with custom development services.
  • AdCracker - Software i-tool to create advertising and marketing concepts or campaigns. Useful components include sections about creating a brand, positioning a product, and brainstorming ideas.
  • Ad-Soft - Personalized software, presentations, and screen savers.
  • Arial Software - Internet marketing tools that mean business: e-mail personalization and marketing tools for professionals.
  • Cardiff Software Inc - Automated forms processing and document capture software with integrated OCR, IMR, Barcode and electronic forms support and support for scanner, fax, HTML, Adobe PDF and XML.
  • Cydoor Technologies Inc. - Developer and provider of OnSoftware, a web-based technology that brings the power of the web to software programs.
  • DataBase Publishing Software, Inc. - Software to create and publish customized catalogs, directories, manuals and other key documents. Catalog Genie gives users the ability to design and publish target catalogs.
  • DesktopServer.Com.Inc. - Desktop Server 2000, great for opt-in mailing, email marketing and promotion.
  • DigitalCandle - Offering software marketing, promotion and distribution services to independent developers.
  • FirePond, Inc. - Interactive enterprise sales and marketing software delivering personalized, multimedia sales experiences via the Internet and laptop systems.
  • Flying Aces Technology - Offers turnkey and custom web applications to implement sweepstakes, contests, and incentive programs.
  • JT Software DotCom - Provide custom screensavers for business or entertainment and other software applications.
  • L. Scott Hochberg Consulting Services - Software and resources for postal bulk mail. Download free trial software. Free on-line bulk mail preparation tutorials. Postal postnet barcode font. Windows and Mac.
  • Libby Sinclair - Software showing you how to create profitable classified ads that will make you money.
  • NetManage - Energizes software sales with real time interactive demos of Windows-based applications over Net/network connections. Lets telemarketing, telesales and direct sales leverage the Net to accelerate software sales.
  • NowStores.com - Receive immediate access to sales tools and Microsoft templates to make everyday business tasks easy. Built on proven verbiage and graphics.
  • Proplibrary.com - Web-based tool for proposal management, writing, and storyboards, with document management, version control, RFP RFQ requirements allocation, and assignment tracking features.
  • ProQuote - A new price list management and sales quotation program to help you automate your sales force. It comes in both SQL server enterprise editions and MS-Access edition.
  • PrWizard Press Release Submission Software - Geared towards targeting media and industry-specific contacts.
  • Real Marketing - Media Magnet gives businesses and individuals alike the power to promote their Press Release to over 10,000 media outlets.
  • The Sant Corporation - Enterprise-strength tools for automatically generating proposals, sales letters, RFP responses, and sales presentations. Sant's award-winning software is available for desktop, network, and Web installations.
  • The Software Company - Mailing List Power Tools - Powerful Windows based system for performing mailing list services such as name and address cleanup, parsing, and gender coding.
  • TagTeam.com - A web service (ASP) and a software product that increases productivity and cuts costs in marketing, sales and creative departments.
  • Third Party International - Marketing analysis and marketing/sales management for computer software and technical companies. We offer clients immediate access to an experienced staff to design, implement and manage short and long term marketing/sales activities.
  • Trilobyte Micro - MacDB2000 - Software application for sales of used or surplus machinery and equipment.